I know I'm capable of achieving something special, I just have to get it to the masses!”

— K-Son Judah

Project Name

      K-Son is not your average artist hailing from Columbus, Ohio. He’s a multi-talented musician with deep talents in the art of rhyming, producing and engineering. Call him a one man movement when it comes to the culture with the ability to beat his competition with his threat talent. His music is a dynamic clash of originality and innovation, K-Son creates a unique sound that can be appreciated by Hip-Hop heads and Club goers alike.

     Growing up in a city that has never had an identity of its own, he gravitated towards music from coast to coast. Creating mixed CD’s that included the West coast low-riding vibe, The Southern twang, and East coast grunge. While listening to these influences, it led to create a style that follows all of the rules, but doesn't answer to anyone. Straying from the social normality of trends has given way to the sounds you hear before you.

     In this particular age, it’s very easy to confuse things…especially music. What sets him apart is his determination to not be sequatious. Crafting multi-syllabic rhymes with gut punching metaphors that seem metamorphic when grouped with his Frankenstein-esque monstrous beats created inside what one would call a lab of a madman.  K-Son has one goal in mind: to generate the music that doesn’t just lull you to sleep with repetitive melodies and “industry standard” hokey-poky choruses.  So, for those who are stuck in traffic full of the same things waiting to go anywhere, K-Son’s music will remind you that the “Green Light” does indeed mean, GO

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